Unlocking inner peace and achieving total self-acceptance can be challenging in a world that constantly bombards us with negativity and fuels self-doubt.

  • Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough, smart enough, or worthy enough?
  • Do you beat yourself up for every mistake or doubt yourself even when you know you can do it?

I know many times that I have, and that’s why I came up with CALMFIRMATIONS, a way to boost your mood and confidence with soothing self-talk.

In this blog post, I’ll show you 5 ways to help unlock your inner peace and love yourself more through the power of calming affirmations.

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    FIRST – Remember that words have power

    Words can lift you up or tear you down. I remind my kids all the time that words have power. They can be used for good or bad, and how we talk to ourselves is critical to our well-being.

    Calmfirmations are positive statements you say to yourself to change your mindset from negative to positive. Each phrase starts with “I Calmly Affirm,” calmly affirming a specific positive thought, thus reminding you how awesome and capable you are. And when you say them over and over again, they can reprogram your subconscious mind so you start believing in yourself and your dreams. Each calmfirmation is like a gentle nudge saying, “Hey, you got this. You are calm and confident.”

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    Calmfirmations Instagram Reel

    SECOND – Make Calmfirmations part of your daily life

    Don’t worry, it’s simple and fun. Calmfirmations has a bunch of audio, video, and workbooks that can help you say or write your affirmations every day, or you can just listen to us on YouTube. Choose whatever method works best for you. Maybe you want to start your day with positive vibes and gratitude, or maybe you want to end it with self-reflection and growth.

    Calmfirmations has something for everyone. Create a daily habit of affirming yourself. We offer tools to support you on that journey. For example, our workbooks provide simple, guided activity pages that can help you discover more about yourself and your strengths.

    Photo of three Calmfirmations Guided Activity Workbooks - available on Amazon

    Calmfirmations Guided Activity Workbooks

    THIRD – Guard your inner peace

    You know how good it feels when someone says something nice to you? Well, that’s what Calmfirmations does for you. It’s like a soothing voice that tells you everything will be okay. It helps you relax in the moment, letting go of stress, anxiety, and self-doubt.

    It makes you feel more peaceful and happy inside. And when you feel that way, not only can you see the bright side of life more easily, but you feel peace within that sparks a sense of calm and joy.

    Read and Repeat (or click below to listen and repeat):

    I calmly affirm…My Inner Peace is Priceless

    Inner Peace Calmfirmation – Instagram

    FOURTH – Love and Accept Yourself for Who You Are!

    I can’t stress enough the importance of self-love and self-acceptance. That’s what Calmfirmations is all about. Our products and positivity clothing can make you feel good about yourself and your life. For example, you can wear a T-shirt that says, “I Love Myself Unconditionally,” or “I am Worthy,” or “I am Resilient.” That way, you can remind yourself and others of how awesome you are and maybe even encourage others to feel the same about themselves.

    You matter. You have a voice. You can do anything you set your mind to!

    I Calmly Affirm…I am Resilient Calmfirmations T-Shirt

    FIFTH – Keep your motivation and resilience high

    Calmfirmations serve to inspire you and lift you up, especially when things get tough, or you face obstacles. By saying Calmfirmations every day, you can develop a positive attitude and a strong spirit to help you overcome any challenge and achieve any goal. Check out our Instagram page for reminders that motivate and inspire.

    Calmfirmations is the perfect place to start your affirmation journey and improve your life. We have several tools you need to make affirmations part of your daily life and transform yourself from the inside out. They can help you find your inner peace and self-acceptance. They can make you love yourself more, feel more peaceful, and be more motivated and resilient.

    If you want to learn even more about affirmations and how they can help you, there are some great resources out there that you can check out. One is this blog post by Mindvalley: 20 Positive Affirmations You Can Use to Inspire Your Life (mindvalley.com). It has some awesome affirmations that you can use for different areas of your life. Find the ones that resonate with you and make you feel good.

    ~ IN SUMMARY ~

    YOU have the power to change your life!

    Calmfirmations is here to help you do that. We make affirmations easy and fun. Not only did I create them, but I’m using them too, and I can tell you they work wonders. So, join me on this journey of self-love and empowerment. You deserve it!

    As always…Calmly Affirm Yourself with LOVE! 💜💚

    And don’t forget to stay in touch with Calmfirmations by joining our email list. You’ll get updates, tips, and more. Our Calmfirmations YouTube channel is always available to listen to and repeat calming affirmations whenever needed. It’s like a hug for your soul!

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