Motherhood Self-Doubt

I’m a mommy over 40 with two littles under age 10. Yep…It’s tough. I’m not sure what I thought motherhood would be like, but absolutely nothing prepares you for raising little humans into big humans. As mothers, we give of ourselves from the very beginning. It can be exhausting in some ways and incredibly amazing in so many others.

It doesn’t take long after becoming a mom to start questioning ourselves. Am I a good mom? Am I making the right decisions? Am I nurturing, bonding, listening, loving, giving enough….yada, yada, yada…

What Moms Need to Know

Well, in case you don’t hear these words enough, let me remind you that YOU are a great Mom! Don’t compare yourself. You are doing your best, and that’s what counts. I believe it is so important for moms to support and uplift each other.

The Calmfirmations for Anxious Moms guided activity workbook is helpful when you just need a moment to affirm yourself and calm your mind for a bit. It provides the words of reassurance we need to see and repeat, and is also relaxing to trace, color, or create within.  It’s a cool little way to press pause for just a moment (or as much as you can get) of me-time and self-love.

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The video above is me…it’s raw and in the moments after a not-so-great situation with one of my children. Of course, we love our kids, but every day isn’t easy raising young humans, and mom struggles are REAL. We try to raise our babies the best way we can, but it’s tough sometimes.

Well, she and I got through that rough moment, and we’ll keep getting through them as needed, with love, grace, and compassion.

When times get hard on your motherhood journey, please know you are not alone. It’s okay to take deep breaths, hide away in the bathroom for a break, or ask for help. What matters most is that you keep doing your best each day!

YOU are doing a GREAT JOB MOMMA!

Calmly Affirm Yourself With LOVE!

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