When you practice intentional mindfulness, you’re focusing on the current moment with an open mind, free of judgment or distractions.  It involves being keenly aware of how you’re feeling at this very moment.  If you’re new to mindfulness meditation, it can be hard to know where to start. I assure you it’s worth a try, and with practice and consistency, you’ll find your rhythm.

Mindfulness meditation with Calmfirmations involves a calming space, deep breathing methods, and surrounding yourself with other things that help bring you to a relaxed state of mind and body to help reduce stress.

The power of mindfulness is that it allows you to truly tune in to yourself and become aware of your thoughts. Self-awareness is critical to learning more about yourself, connecting with your inner being, and relative self-acceptance.

There are various practices of meditation. I focus on the method that involves repetition of key phrases, or mantras, using affirmations that begin with “I Calmly Affirm”… which is the basis of Calmfirmations. These calming affirmations, along with deep breath work, are of great help to me daily, minimizing stress or anxieties.

Mindfulness Meditation

with Calmfirmations

Here are 8 simple tips to help you get started:

1. Start with just a few minutes

Meditation does not require hours a day to reap the benefits. Starting with just a few moments a day can help, then work your way up to longer periods of time as you are able and feel comfortable.

Read and Repeat (or click below to listen and repeat):

I calmly affirm…I breathe in peace and breathe out frustration

I breathe in peace and breathe out frustration

2. Be Still

Mindfulness meditation is all about being fully present, in the moment, without interruption. Try to focus on what’s happening at this very moment, blocking out all other competing thoughts. Be still, in a quiet place, maybe with candles lit, maybe with soft music playing, maybe in total silence…whatever atmosphere is most relaxing to you.  It’s an intentional adult “time-out” to focus on YOU.

3. Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breath work is amazing for relaxing our minds and bodies.  It’s something you can do anytime, anyplace, and works very well while practicing meditation. I take a deep breath in between reciting each Calmfirmation, and created the t-shirt design below as a great reminder to myself and others. Click the picture below for the “Deeeeep Breaths” t-shirt design, or click here for even more options.

Deep breaths women's t-shirt

4. Express Gratitude

Throughout each day, take just a few moments to really think about what you’re grateful for. It doesn’t matter how big or small, expressing gratitude improves your mood and can help you experience a more positive outlook on life.

Read and Repeat (or click below to listen and repeat):

I calmly affirm…I am so GRATEFUL for all that I have

I am so grateful

5. Give Yourself Grace

Mindfulness is not about perfection. It’s about loving and accepting yourself as you are. It’s about trying and trying again. I know how hard it can be to stop our thoughts from racing, but keep at it, and most of all, be patient with yourself and be loving of yourself throughout the process.

6. Find Others Interested in Meditation

It’s helpful to have encouragement along the way. Stay connected with Calmfirmations online, and find a community of like-minded people who can motivate and support you on your mindfulness journey. Join our email list by clicking here.

7. Use Guided Meditations

Guided meditations are a great tool for beginners to get started, and quite helpful even for those more experienced with meditation.  The Calmfirmations for Confidence Boost guided activity workbook is a great outlet for expressing positivity and gratefulness.  Our Calmfirmations guided activity workbooks offer a simple way to practice affirming yourself. You can also visit our Calmfirmations YouTube channel to listen and repeat for practice anytime.

Calming affirmations for confidence boost

8. Do it Your Way! There is no cookie-cutter way of mindful meditation.  Find what works for you. Whether it’s written, verbal, or internal repetitive expression, do what feels right to you. Create a calming environment that works for you. I tend to practice in the shower, which is relaxing to me.  Other times that work for me are after school drop-off, before I begin my work day, and right before bedtime. Ultimately, all that matters is that you try to tune into your thoughts and affirm yourself with love and positivity.  You deserve it!

Read and Repeat (or click below to listen and repeat):

I calmly affirm…Meditation helps  to clear my mindMeditation helps to clear my mind

Mindfulness meditation with Calmfirmations is a practice that takes time. When you’re new to this, it may feel awkward or silly at first, but with consistency and patience, it will feel more natural, and you can start to experience its many benefits. Over time, it can help with stress management, improve relationships, emotional healing, and increase your overall sense of well-being.

For even more helpful information about the benefits of meditation, click this article from Everyday Health: Meditation 101: A Scientific Guide on How to Meditate for Stress Reduction and More, as an easy-to-read resource.

Give it a try, then leave a comment below and let me know how it goes. Keep practicing!

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As always…Calmly Affirm Yourself with LOVE! 💜💚

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