What do you like to do for fun? Any day that ends with “DAY” is a good day to do something fun. I love listening to music loud in my earbuds while dancing around the house or as I’m folding laundry. My kids laugh at my moves, but it’s fun.

I also enjoy karaoke, riding around with the car windows down and wind blowing against my face, watching mindless tv, or simply falling asleep on the couch while the tv watches me back (don’t judge me, I love a good nap whenever I can get one in).

There was a time that fun for me was hanging out at the hottest dance club or lounge several nights a week and dancing the night away, or traveling over a long weekend, or game nights with friends.

These days, fun for me is being snuggled up in bed with snacks and laptop nearby, catching up on shows I’ve saved but haven’t made time to watch. Fun is also just going for a walk or playing a mindless game on my phone.  The point is to take time out for yourself.  Relaxing activities calm the mind and help us refocus away from the hectic parts of our day or week. If you like to journal, coloring the pages of our Calmfirmations for Confidence Boost guided activity workbook can allow your creativity to shine, which is also fun and inspiring.

Fun can be full of energy and exciting, or it can be low key and chill…what’s important, is that you make time for it…to make time for YOU!

What do you like to do? Whatever it is…DO IT! Even if for just a short while. Do something FUN for YOU!

Calmly Affirm Yourself with LOVE! ❤️