Reconnecting with Who You Are

Does it ever feel like you’ve lost your sense of self? It’s almost like you’ve lost touch with who you are, your passions, your dreams.

Ever feel overwhelmed by the demands of your daily life, your responsibilities, and the expectations of those around you?  Ever wish you could reconnect with your inner wisdom, get in tune with your intuition, and increase your joy?

I know I have! Whether during a very stressful job situation, after becoming a mom, or during grieving periods after losing loved ones.  There are times in life when we just feel “off”, and need rebalancing.

If any of those thoughts sound familiar, please know that you are not alone. So many of us are out here struggling to figure out our purpose and identity in a world that constantly changes and challenges us.

Sometimes you may feel stuck, unhappy with your choices, or unsure of your direction. You may feel anxious or continuously stressed about the future, unhappy or dissatisfied with the present.

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BUT, I want you to feel comforted in knowing these feelings are temporary in the journey towards self-discovery. One simple and powerful way to rediscover yourself and reclaim your happiness is through the potent power of meditation. Consistent practice leads to a stronger connection with your true self, allowing you to rediscover your joy and peace, awakening your soul, and igniting your spirit.

The power of positivity is strong. Being intentional about making time to affirm yourself is a beneficial form of self-care that can be invigorating and help relieve stress.

Guess what? Meditation is not only a relaxation technique and stress reliever, but also a tool for self-discovery and transformation. It’s a connected way to access a deeper part of yourself, the part that knows who you are at your core, what you desire, and what you won’t accept. It’s a way to tune into yourself, listen to your inner voice, connect with your inner guide, and acknowledge your inner teacher.


One thing that’s certain in life is that change will happen. Changes such as reaching adulthood, getting married, having children, losing a loved one, menopause, or any other significant life event, can alter our view of who we are. You may have forgotten what makes you happy, what makes you passionate, what makes you alive.

Our Calmfirmations guided activity workbooks offer a simple way to practice affirming yourself.

Calmfirmations Guided Activity Workbooks

Meditation with Calmfirmations can help you gain clarity and insight into your life situation, goals, values, strengths, and challenges. It’s a way to explore and expand your consciousness. So often, we rush about through life, not taking time to slow down and sit with our thoughts and feelings in silence, taking time to calmly affirm ourselves, connect with what we’re feeling, and try to understand why.

Through the power of positive repetition, you can reinforce a positivity train of thinking and speaking, helping to slowly shift your mindset to focus less on negativity. Now, the key is not to just say the words, but to BELIEVE them. Sit with the phrases, contemplate their meaning, and how each can apply to your life.

Do not dull your shine

When something GLEAMS, it shines brightly. Allow yourself to gleam each day, never letting anyone dull your shine.

Grow yourself courageously, without limits, and go after your specific goals.

Love yourself unconditionally and generously, without hesitation or regret.

Express yourself freely and authentically, without reservation or doubt.

Accept yourself fully, without judgment, shame, or guilt.

Motivate yourself with the help of Calmfirmations videos, workbooks, reminders, and wearables.

Surround yourself with positive energy, being careful of the company you keep.

The self-discovery process takes time, intention, and an open mind. Getting to know who you truly are also requires honesty. For maximum benefit, it is essential to acknowledge your truth and be honest with yourself about your strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. It’s a time of full transparency, to let your guard down, trust yourself, listen to, and fully accept yourself.

Read and Repeat (or click below to listen and repeat):

I calmly affirm…I accept myself, flaws and all

Accept yourself...flaws and all

Negative emotions can hold us back from opening ourselves up for greatness. Releasing negative thoughts that tend to keep us down, such as fear, doubt, guilt, anger, or resentment, frees our mind and heart to make room for happiness, joy, optimism, and excitement.

Negativity is draining. If someone ridicules you, it doesn’t feel too great, and you’ll most likely spend time overthinking that negative opinion, bringing yourself down. But when someone randomly compliments you, it tends to lift your spirit, sometimes even improving how you view yourself.

Cultivating positive thoughts and emotions is empowering and gives way to love, gratitude, confidence, compassion, and joy. 

Are you an overthinker like me?  Click the picture below for the “Overthinking Always in Process” t-shirt, available in various colors, or click here for more options.

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Overthinking Always in Process

Focusing on motivating, inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging phrases can improve your health and well-being, reducing stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and even inflammation. This Forbes article on 10 Science-Backed Benefits of Meditation is an informative read on just how helpful meditation can be. 

Meditation is a journey that will take you deeper into yourself and closer to your soul. It’s never too late to start connecting with yourself on a deeper level, discovering who you really are and what you really want.

Enjoy your meditation journey and create a connection with yourself that’s priceless. Embrace and explore yourself fully. You may just be amazed by the result.

Our 8 tips for mindfulness meditation with Calmfirmations blog post will help you get started!

As always…Calmly Affirm Yourself with LOVE! 💜💚

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