Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you tell me about CALMFIRMATIONS?

CALMFIRMATIONS is a positivity platform dedicated to fostering self-love and inner peace through calming affirmations. We offer a unique blend of guided affirmation tracing journals, soothing meditation videos, digital products, and positive quote clothing designed to uplift and inspire individuals on their journey to self-discovery and inner peace.

What sets CALMFIRMATIONS apart from others?

Calmfirmations are affirmations that begin with the phrase “I calmly affirm”, to support the mind and body connection needed for inner peace. Repetition of calming phrases of encouragement and support helps bring balance to our daily lives.

Our guided affirmation tracing and attentive coloring journals each have their own meditation video on our YouTube channel that combines serene visuals, voiced calming narration, and gentle sounds to guide you into a state of needed and deserved relaxation for greater mental clarity.

How can using calmfirmations help with anxiety and depression?

Calmfirmations help best when recited slowly with intentional deep breathing and focus on the repetitive emphasis of the word “calm”. When your thoughts are racing and body is tense from feeling the overwhelming emotions that come with anxiety or depression, listening to, reading, or repeating calmfirmations can help relax your mind and body by helping shift your mindset about life’s challenges.

Being intentional about making calmfirmations a regular part of your daily life, inspires self-acceptance and encourages you to be your best self. 

How can CALMFIRMATIONS affirmation tracing journals help me?

Our tracing and activity journals include pages of traceable calmfirmations, which is great for refocusing your thoughts and energy onto paper. Tracing requires concentration, which can help deflect negative thoughts, and our journals are a helpful, easy tool that guide you through page after page of calming affirmations and other activities that you can trace, color, and express yourself in written form.

Consider them your safe space for clearing your mind and creating a calmer and more relaxed life. You can find them on Amazon by clicking here.

Are CALMFIRMATIONS tracing journals easy to use?

Yes! Our tracing and activity journals are uniquely crafted to easily integrate into your daily routine, offering engaging and thoughtful affirmation tracing exercises that encourage mindfulness, promote positive thinking, and guide you towards a more fulfilled and balanced life.

The audio for each of our journals can also be found on the CALMFIRMATIONS YouTube channel for easy listening anytime.

What are benefits of the Calmfirmations Collection positivity clothing?

Our Calmfirmations Collection of positive quote clothing is designed not just for comfort and style, but also to serve as a daily affirmation, reminding you and others to embrace positivity, cultivate self-love, express gratitude, radiate positivity, and spread kindness wherever you go.

Starting your day with positivity wear, starts your day off right! Each time you pass a mirror, you see a reflection of inspiration.

Are calmfirmations a form of meditation?

Calmfirmations are a form of mindfulness meditation. When listened to or recited along with deep breathing and intentional focus, the power of positive repetition can help center your thoughts and improve feelings of calm within.

How can I incorporate calmfirmations into my mindfulness practice?

Integrating calmfirmations into your mindfulness practice is easy to do. Whether it’s starting your day with our tracing journal activities, taking a midday meditation break with our videos, or wearing our inspirational clothing, CALMFIRMATIONS supports your journey towards a more mindful and centered life.

Whether you can find one minute or one hour at a time, each moment of self-care with calmfirmations are precious, and can give you the energy boost needed and help you feel more centered.

Are calmfirmations suitable for beginners in meditation and mindfulness?

Absolutely! Our products are thoughtfully created for individuals at all stages of their mindfulness journey. From beginners to those who have advanced meditation experience, Calmfirmations offers accessible, engaging, and enriching resources to support everyone’s path to inner peace and self-love.

Is CALMFIRMATIONS run by licensed therapists?

Created from over 40 years of personal experience, we are an authentic, shared experience emotional wellness supporter offering encouragement and inspiration when you need it most.

CALMFIRMATIONS is not to be considered therapy, nor are we licensed medical professionals. We have lived experiences with anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, grief, postpartum anxiety, ADHD, and high-functioning anxiety. We are one of many positive affirmation resources available to help you thrive.

Does Calmfirmations replace therapy?

No. Calmfirmations are a great tool to use in conjunction with mental health services provided by trained and licensed medical professionals.

Calmfirmations does not replace therapy and we strongly support the use of behavioral health services.

What can I expect from following CALMFIRMATIONS on social media and YouTube?

Following us on social media and YouTube, you’ll join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. We all desire happiness, peace, balance, support, and confidence. Expect regular doses of inspiration, practical tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into how Calmfirmations is continuously working to empower and uplift individuals around the world.

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Where can I purchase CALMFIRMATIONS products?

Visit https://calmfirmations.com to explore our offerings and to find the perfect tools to assist you on your journey to serenity and self-love.

How does CALMFIRMATIONS support self-love and mindfulness?

Calmfirmations is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive community. Through our products, social media platforms, and YouTube channel, we offer guidance, encouragement, and inspiration to help each individual embrace their unique journey, cultivate self-love, and live mindfully.

Where can I find even more resources to help with anxiety and depression?

CALMFIRMATIONS is just one of many online resources available to you.  We are working on creating a Resources page to provide links to other mental health support you may find helpful.

If you are in the emotional wellness space and interested in cross-linking to our Resources page, please send a message request for consideration.