As a mom of two who has experienced high-functioning anxiety throughout life, I decided to push past some of my fears and start using my voice and creativity to help motivate and uplift others.


When experiencing a panic attack or high stress, the main thing you want to do is “calm down,” which can be very hard to achieve. I believe the repetition of calmly affirming yourself out loud, along with our videos or on paper with our guided activity workbooks, can help with mindset shifting to overcome negative thoughts, overpower negative self-talk, and refocus on the abundance of positive things in our lives.


Life isn’t always fun or easy. I’ve certainly had my share of highs and lows, and created CALMFIRMATIONS because I believe it is important to “Calmly Affirm Yourself with LOVE”, no matter what you’re going through. It is my hope to inspire and strengthen the love we show to ourselves and others.


Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, or just need an occasional mood lifter, you are not alone in the struggle. Sometimes a positive message of encouragement or supportive reminders can make all the difference. Calmfirmations serves as a positivity platform of support and encouragement for all.

Keep doing your best to be your best.
You Are Awesome!


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