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Feeling anxious, worried, stressed, overwhelmed, or in a state of sheer panic can make it incredibly hard to achieve the one thing you so desperately want and need: to simply CALM DOWN!

CALMFIRMATIONS introduces a powerful new approach to stress relief. We understand how overwhelming stress and anxiety can be, which inspired us to create a comforting approach to help you find peace of mind.

Calmfirmations is a unique word that represents the soothing power of positive affirmations to produce calm. 

Starting with the simple phrase, “I Calmly Affirm…”, these gentle, repetitive statements can help ease your stress and anxiety and nurture inner peace, self-love, and self-acceptance. Join the Calmfirmations Connection and allow us to support your journey to a calmer mind and uplifted spirit. 

Our calming emotional support tools are designed to help you “calm the chaos” within, along with reminders to…

Calmly Affirm Yourself with LOVE!



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Nurturing Emotional Wellness

Welcome to CALMFIRMATIONS, an emotional wellness brand focused on supporting mental health through positive affirmations and calming tools.

Having championed through high-functioning anxiety throughout life, I understand the complex emotional journey that living with anxiety can take you on, and I’m here to share self-created tools and affirmations that I have found helpful and can make a difference in your life.

I am deeply passionate about promoting positivity and being a voice of support for others who deal with anxiety. Let’s nurture emotional wellness together! 

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